My name is Liah.
I like absorbing my surroundings.
Sorry about all of the writing.
But I am these words.
Or rather, they're me.
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I went to the dentist today and had a dentist who went by Dr. Wu.

He told me that I needed to brush the bottom of my teeth better and only had chocolate, vanilla, and stawberry flavored toothpaste when it came to brushing my teeth.  He also referred to the spit sucker upper as “Mr. Thirsty” and kept comending himself by repeating, “Dramatic improvement” once he’d finished with something.

As I sat there, staring at my feet and listening to Like a Virgin play over the loud speaker I wondered why American’s are so obsessed with perfectly white teeth.  I can understand not wanting completely gruesome and unhealthy teeth, but why do we all seem so bothered by ones which are coffee or soda stained?

The way I look at it, slightly stained teeth are simply another sign that you’ve gone through life and experienced it.  It’s another thing that changes with you and as long as they’re healthy I don’t see what the problem is.  I want to end my life feeling thoroughly used up and happy with the things that have made my body what it is.

Besides, teeth are just jagged bones jutting out of our gums so that we can chew our food.

p.s I only ate those pretzels so I would have something to throw up.

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